It is only in the heart that one can see rightly ,what is essential is invisible to the eye .
This famous quote is by H . Jackson Brown ,from The Little Prince essentially means that the “heart” which might symbolize the soul or spirit ,or one’s internal moral can see what truly matters in life .While we usually associate “sight “ with eyes ,our eyes can actually be deceived by appearances and surface level characteristics or frivolous things .
The most valuable things in life cannot be seen with the naked eye love ,friendship ,affection ,care ,faithfulness ,hope ,integrity ,trust ,compassion. These are the things that bring substance ,fulfillment and lasting joy to our lives .Emotions and feelings , is observed by heart but not by our eyes .Eyes can see the physical state of something but our heart is capable of viewing the emotional state and feelings .Things like music ,scents ,silence and memories add richness to our lives everyday .
We human beings ,spend our time and energy chasing things that are visible like beautiful homes, fast cars, larger paychecks ,or more fashionable clothing .We dream of a future that includes these things .We plot and plan to acquire them .We get tempted and go to great lengths to care about these. Yet, these things have never satisfied our soul or brought us the fulfillment that they promised .Instead ,we see that their appeal always dims, value always decreases, appearance always fades and satisfaction diminishes every day. It is time to shift our focus . It is time to allow the invisible to triumph over the visible in our eyes. To embrace the invisible over the visible .Intentionally , allow our heart to think of its desires ,to categorize in terms of joy ,hope ,significance of quotes or people .
Mind cultivates thoughts but heart responses to the impulse, intuition . Our imagination gets wings ,when we think about the caves ,the depth of the sea ,the stars ,forest ,in books ,in biological evolution ,in human history . We need to think that insides are more important than outsides . If we don’t see from our hearts and view from eyes we will miss the essentials .True nature of things can only be seen and understood If one perceives it with feeling .This suggests passion and care .If there is no real depth to what one feels ,there cannot be much care for it ,either .The perception has to has depth ,else it is shallow and meaningless . One needs to feel something ,for something else to truly understand and appreciate it .
The quote is talking about the inability of most adults to be able to believe in things that they cannot see with their eyes .By the time we have reached adulthood ,we have lost that child like innocence that allows us to imagine things which can’t be proven .As adults ,we only see outward appearance of people and things .We no longer see a person’s inner beauty or appreciate nature . We have become cynical and concern ourselves with all materialistic issues .



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  1. This is so true. We care more about materials than people. It’s good to know that not everyone is asleep. God bless you Kritika.

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