2019 LS Election:Voting Begins!

2019 LS-Election: On the commencement of 2019 Lok Sabha election, the state of Andhra Pradesh witnessed the highest percentage of voters being participated. However many citizens who did not voted tells you, that the citizens belonging to the world’s largest democracy seems to not have understand their own country’s democratic structure.

Voting Importance

The then Vice President of United States once said while quoting the importance of voting, “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

It can understandable that many things in the country are decided by voting and elections. It is a crucial, meaningful way to express yourself and support the issues you care about. It gives you the ability to choose who is in office and have a say on what goes on in the political world.

However in any election many people choose to stay away from the ballot; giving a hint that they have not understood their democratic rights.

Understanding our democratic Structure

It is sad to see that despite India being a largest democracy in the world, the citizens of it does not know how to vote in an elections. They make this entire election confined to just two to three people who seems to be their favorite candidates, thus weakening the democratic structure of our country.

We as a citizens are not directly entitled to elect a Prime Minister for our country. Whom we elect is an MP who represent our constituency. Further these MPs elects a Prime Minister for us. This means that the Prime Minister enjoys his position only till the time he has the support of the majority MPs.

From time to time we use to laugh upon the fact that most of our MPs are illiterate or our corrupt. But we forget that it was because of us only who either elected them or have not participated in the election. Further most of the time these corrupt MPs never being punished at the time their party is in power, for a simple reason that a PM cannot go against an MP with whose support he is holding his office.

So therefore it’s our responsibility to understand our democratic structure and consider these things before we vote anyone in the upcoming election. We should not vote any illiterate or a corrupt MP only because of the fact that he belongs to the party whose PM candidate is among my favorites. Rather, we need to do our homework and look to vote for a perfect MP from our constituency.

We TheNews7, believe that voting is an integral part of our life. It’s a liberty given to the country’s citizens to decide their future and safeguard their rights in social, political and economic sphere. And as a responsible citizens we should vote with a greater responsibility.



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